Maintain and caution

Maintain kukri

You should apply machine gun oil or animal fat on the blade every time after  you use. We recommended  not to leave any fingerprint. If it is necessary to touch on the blade, you should clean it by using some petrol or oil. In case of rusting, rub it off with fine sandpaper, clean the dirt using some oil or petrol, wipe it off with a clean cloth and apply oil. You should use shoe polish for the leather scabbard. Use the brass polish or silver polish for brass fittings or for silver scabbard.


Kukri (Khukuri) is a sharp tool. You should be careful while using and storing. Keep it away from children’s reach. Do not hold scabbard unsparingly while plucking out the kukri from scabbard, it may cut your hand. Protect the blade from stone , metal or other things like that. Use oil on the blade regularly to prevent it from rust and keep polishing scabbard regularly.