Nepal Khukuri Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most leading Khukri knives manufacturer companies in Nepal which produce a variety of designed authentic Nepali Khukuri. Originally Gorkha’s Khukuris are originated from the Indian subcontinent. Nepali Khukuri is a knife which is usually used both as a tool and weapon. All Gurkha’s Nepali Khukuri knives are handmade, and hand forged by Nepali ethnic people called Kamis and Bishwakarma’s. These traditional, historic, legendary army Khukuri which can be used all indoor and outdoor activities including cutting, hunting, stabbing, trekking, survival, camping, hacking, combatant, domestic, security, and many more. These versatile working national weapons have played a great role during the world war. That is why it has great historical importance. Nowadays, people usually use Khukuries as a decorative purpose and collecting remembering its key role. These days Nepali Khukuries are made of using beautiful craftsmanship in its handle and scabbards. Nepal Khukuri Pvt. Ltd. manufactures numerous unique designs knives in modern ergonomics with an exquisite design which able to delight our valued customers. Our primary motto is to produce the finest and genuine quality Nepali Khukuri. 

We have a highly qualified, well-trained, experienced workforce and qualified supervisory staff and executives to manufacturing authentic Nepali Khukuri. Nepali Khukuri is very popular for its historical myths that it carries. Nepalese are known worldwide as a Gurkhas due to their bravery and solidarity. We have skilled staff who have mastered the art of Khukuri making process and dedicated to creating such stuff and forging blades uniquely. We also have some technical experts to monitor and supervise the manufacturing process which will help to control the errors during manufacturing. It will ensure the quality of the Nepali Khukuri. 

The cost of Nepali Khukuri 

The cost of Nepali Khukuri depends on the design, sizes, and used raw materials of the Khukuri. One of the most significant materials used is steel which determines the ultimate strength and durability of the Khukuri. The cost of Khukuri also depends on the grade of steels used to make a Nepali Khukuri. Some showcase products of Nepali Khukuri cost quite cheaper than other Khukuris. Nepal Khukuri Pvt. are well known for providing the latest designed Khukuri with the best price and quality. Normally, excellent handcrafted Khukuris cost begins from U$$ 9 onwards. 

Varieties of Nepali Khukuri  

Nepal Khukuri Pvt. Ltd. manufacture wide ranges of Khukuris. It also produces different kinds of knives from the perspective of the market.  We manufacture an array of Khukuri from army types to historic, to village versions to working and utility, to decorative to sacrificial, traditional to modern to some very unique and advance Khukuri. We also manufacture according to our valued customer's design. The varieties of Khukuris we have are Army (military) Khukuries, American Eagle Khukuries, Dragon, Tinchira, Panchira, Bhojpure and surupate, Cheetlange and Chainpure, Hunting, Angkhola Kukries, Iraqi, Afghan and many more. 

Khukuri maintenance in Nepal
To maintain Nepali Khukuri properly, people should take care of Khukuri. As we will provide some caution guidelines. ...
Khukuri Supplier from Kathmandu
Nepal Khukuri Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most leading manufacturers and supplier, which dominated the global market by supplying handmade and hand-forged...
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