Khukuri is a kind of weapon or Nepali knife which is inwardly curved leaf shaped blade with thickness at the spine. It is specially used as both a tool and as a weapon in Nepal. Traditionally it was recognized as a weapon of Nepalese Army, the Royal Gurkha Rifles and of all Gurkha’s regiments throughout the globe. British still recognized Khukuri as the “Gorkha Blade” or “Gurkha Knife”. In these days, Khukuris are used as a luxurious object, it is used in the Nepalese heraldry and many Nepali traditional rituals including wedding ceremonies and other function as well. Traditionally, Nepali Khukuri is handmade by the world-class craftsmen called Bishwakarmas or Kamis. Each Khukuri is carefully made, creatively designed, and rigorously tested and finally manufactured.

Some instructions for maintenance of Nepali Khukuri

These types of traditional, historic, legendary army khukuri are used for all both indoors and outdoor activities such as cutting, stabbing, hunting, security, surviving, trekking, camping, hacking, combatant, domestic, security and many more. So, these types of Nepali Khukuri should be maintained properly. As you have these luxurious Nepali Khukuri after used of Khukuri, you have to use gun oil or machine on the blade at least once a month and if possible don’t leave any kind of fingerprint on the blade. Before rusting the blade, clean blade with the petrol/gasoline and rust off with fine sandpaper and wipe with the clean cloth before using oil. You can also use the wheel-shine machine to re-shine the rust infected area of the khukuri. In order to keep your Khukuri fit and fine, you should also be careful about the sheath of Khukuri, where you have to use shoe polish for leather, furniture shiner for wood, brass polish for brass fittings, Silver polish for silver sheath Khukuri. Before displaying the Khukuri, you should scrub the carved dragon blade with a hard brush and soaked in petrol and finally wipe it with a clean cloth. To make blade sharp, you can also sharp in the stone for the better and fast result. While displaying this luxurious Khukuri, you should clean the dirt particles and insect waste on the surface of Khukuri. Khukuri should be kept out of the water and after use for a long period, the blade should be oil properly and wrapped in the plastic before put it out. The Nepali handmade Khukuri should be kept on the dry and normal temperature.

Measures taken while maintaining Khukuri!

To maintain Nepali Khukuri properly, people should take care of Khukuri. As we will provide some caution guidelines. Before using Nepali Khukuri, you should take some essential guidance tips to maintain it properly. These Nepali Khukuri should not expose into the sun for a long period because the light will help to shrink a bit and cause the problem in the blade while inserting. Don’t use the blade on the metallic and stone surface and keep it away from the water, children, and fingerprint. Khukuri is not a hammering tool so should not hammer and displaced it. The traditional method of maintaining and repairing should be avoided because the heat may lose the temper of the blade. 

Khukuri Product in Nepal
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Khukri Knife from Nepal
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