The Khukuri(Spelled as koo-k-ree) Knife, national weapon and a utility of Nepal, is a  heavy curved blade, sharp and concave at the side. It holds a unique place in the history of Nepal as Khukuri is a symbol of courage and bravery for the great Gurkhali warriors. Khukuri is also used by people in Nepal for hunting as well as combat purposes. The legacy of the great soldiers and their battle using the weapon, Khukuri, is discussed and remembered till date.


The Khukuri is respected and praised throughout the world for its effectiveness and use during the Second World War. If you are searching for a genuine Gurkha Khukuri provider in Nepal, then your search ends here. Nepal Khukuri is one the most trustworthy place as we are the Genuine Gurkha Khukuri in Nepal. We have a collection of handmade Khukuri from the Vishwakarma ethnic groups. The genuine Khukuri/kukri knife making is one of the oldest professions of Vishwakarma caste people. More than 10,000 individuals are crafting Gurkha Khukuri knife in Nepal. Among them, only a few have their hands completely dedicated to making and carving knives and different ethnic groups finish the final touches in the Khukuri. This results in quality and finest Khukuri as a by-product from the combination.

The process of Khukuri manufacturing is quite hefty and time-consuming which takes days for finishing. All raw materials such as steel, brass rosewood, buffalo horns, and others are first carefully selected by our Experts for further processing of the final product.

If you have the urge to buy a genuine Gurkha Khukuri, then please remember us and we guarantee you our best services.

Khukuri Product in Nepal
Khukuri Craft Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most leading company which produce handmade and hand-forged Khukuri in Nepal and supplies throughout the interna...
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