About Us

Namaste, welcome to our shop www.etsy.com/shop/GurkhaSmith, Khukuri Nepal (Khukuri Craft Pvt. Ltd Nepal) is the best kukri (Khukuri) manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and retailer from Nepal. It was established under the name of "Khukuri Craft Pvt. Ltd.” and registered on the company register office with the endeavor of wholesaling, supplying and retailing the genuine kukris, Our factory running by Bishwokarma (Kami) family, we are all in teamwork. we have been manufacturing a variety of kukris for the past 15 years, during which we have produced and exported more than 1000 pieces (per month) of kukris making us one of the leading kukri manufactures in Nepal. we been satisfying our workers as well as our customers. Our products regular exports in abroad countries include U.S.A, Canada, different countries in Europe, Australia and other countries. All our products are made by the very best, skilled and traditional makers of the kukri (Khukuri), producing always the best genuine Gurkha Kukris in Nepal.

We have our own Factory in the capital (kathmandu) Nepal, and Dharan (the eastern city of Nepal) is a very famous place of kukri manufacture in Nepal. This factory is run by Bishwokarma (Kami) men who are equally all skilled workers. The raw materials like water buffalo horn, water buffalo leather, water buffalo bone, Ox bone, rosewood, yak leather, yak horn, deer horn, brasses, aluminum, car springs are carefully selected before starting to make kukris. If the kukris are finished then checked and rechecked several times before sending it in store or to the costumer's orders.Khukuri Nepal is also the official kukris suppliers to the Gurkha unit in Kathmandu, Royal Nepalese army and Nepal police not only this, but it also supplies its best products for resale to other major kukri shops in Kathmandu.

We can make kukris,sharp tool of any size,shape,design as per the customer's wish which are made totally by hands using high grade carbon steel (leaf spring). Thank you for visiting our website and we would like to do good and trustful business as "trust is built with consistency".


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